Mobility Integration

New enterprise mobility trends such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) are transforming the mobility landscape and the way enterprises deliver and consume information. Integration requires managing complex integration logic and standards to integrate ready-to-use services to a variety of mobile applications. As such, the success or failure of building your enterprise mobile strategy will rely on how robust your integration is in order to allow you to reduce the complexity of your mobile initiatives.

At Sphinx, we bring mobility best-practices combined with expertise in data and systems integration to enhance our clients’ enterprise mobility capabilities. We provide the right data, enterprise planning and systems integration methodologies in order to undertake rapid modernization and consolidation of information and assets with your business operations.

Sphinx’s enterprise mobility capabilities include:

Our expertise in mobility and domain knowledge of various platforms, devices, languages and operating systems back us in delivering optimum performance and user experience in mobile service delivery across a range of industry verticals.