Offshore Development Centre

Our Offshore Development Centre (ODC) is increasingly popular business model for enterprises, large and small, to increase productivity and reduce operational cost by employing offshore talent. This model has proven to be an effective tool for better predictability and visibility in the development process.

Sphinx’s ODC services offer clients with an imperative outsourcing partnership of a competent pool of learned, trained and experienced IT & Engineering professionals with expertise in a wide range of skill-sets and proven technology. We ensure that our clients’ existing processes are completely supported with quality assurance and version control; thus, the offshore centre operates as an efficient and seamless extension to our clients’ facility.

End-to-end solutions provided by Sphinx dedicated ODCs:

  • Systems consultancy to support the entire product development lifecycle
  • Requirement studies
  • Identifying and employing experienced talent pool
  • Data analysis
  • Bespoke software / application / design / model development
  • Testing & Compliance
  • Maintenance and support
  • Migration and re-engineering
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Migration to new technologies
  • 24 x 7 help desk

ODC set up and Transfer:

Sphinx follows a proven methodology in executing complex client projects at its ODCs. Every project is unique, so flexibility or customizing the processes to meet varied client need is an integral part of our engagement. The following are a set of broad stages of work process followed:

Once our clients are convinced that the offshore model works seamlessly, Sphinx assists them in incorporating their company in India, set up independent facilities and transfer all the people to this company. We also take care of registration of subsidiary, regulatory compliances, locate and set-up facilities, communications links, transfer of manpower etc.

Sphinx’s ODC increases your bandwidth and capability in terms of development, maintenance, testing, support etc. It assists in bridging the specific skill-set gaps and obtains the required access to, hard to find, resources and technologies.

We enable our clients to build best practices by leveraging on Sphinx’s experiences across applications, designs, verticals and technology. The team can also be scaled up or down based on market and business needs, thus converting fixed cost to variable cost for clients. Clients are benefitted with a visible reduction in cost, as offshore resources are one-third of US costs. Global companies leverage on India’s extended time zone and have been opting for ODCs with 24 x 7 operations.

Onsite Consulting

Providing decisive software solutions to our clients has always been a benchmark for us. Also, ingraining a sound quality approach marched us to be the first choice for large corporate sections. Our online consulting services have been acclaimed for the dexterity that our programmers hold.

In the current market scenario, time and capitals, both have become everybody’s preference and no one is giving to waste even a single inch of the two. Online consulting, being an effective measure to facilitate a rapid growth procedure, we administer befitting online consulting services at our client’s location elaborating customized IT solutions. It includes:

At Sphinx Worldbiz, we bind technologies along with the right approach to direct your business to a captivating level. Technology has empowered us to transform our clients’ vision into reality.

Hybrid Development Model

Sphinx’s Hybrid Development Model is designed with attention to all possible complications faced by programmers, designers or developers while opting for contriving several decisive software models.
We consistently maintain a pool of talented resources, with hands-on experience in latest technologies, to deliver clients with the most conducive results for their needs. Different conventional design and development models are often replaced by lightweight agile development modus operandi in order to reduce the cost and obtain improved results.

Sphinx Hybrid Development Model empowers clients to keep a check on:
  • Cost Overhead
  • Productivity Model
  • Estimating Cost Overhead
  • Project Cost Risk Assessment
  • Validation of the method

With a great deal of versatility, our hybrid model brings tremendous leverage in delivering valuable measures for our clients’ businesses.

Sphinx’s Hybrid Development Model offers distinctive benefits that include:
Onshore control Our onshore team keeps control of the project requirement, architecture and management. It also controls the quality of the entire project.
Offshore development Implementation specific work can be outsourced to offshore development centre for better economies.
24/7 productivity The onshore team is responsible for both external communications with clients and internal interaction with offshore peers. Extended Indian timings, an advantage of time zones, leads to continuous work cycle The Process.
Sphinx Hybrid Development Model follows the following processes:
  • Analysis and Planning
  • Architecture
  • High Level Design
  • Product Management
  • Demo and Final Delivery
The different tasks accomplished at the offshore development centre include:
  • Detailed design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Bug fixes
  • Warranty support
  • Maintenance/support

GAD Model

The Global Application Delivery Model at Sphinx Worldbiz ensures exceptional quality in services, effective risk management to meet market challenges and visibility in process to determine the success of complex projects. It leverages the company’s deliverables by enhancing all involved processes through robust, scalable and customized onsite and offshore methodology. These are supported by reliable infrastructure, quality orientation, security concerns and a culture of attaining Client Delight. The GAD model is a complete delivery and support model, which has a global network of resources, technology and best-in-class processes. It enables Sphinx to deliver business services that reduce cost, drive flexibility, improve performance and attain growth.

The key elements of our Global Application Delivery Model are:
  • Solution / Service Development, Engineering and Modelling
  • Software, Hardware and other Machinery Requirement Analysis
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Intelligent Project Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Code / Design Generation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

Apart from these, Risk Management & Business Continuity, Data Backup and Storage, Disaster Recovery Strategy, Infrastructure, Compliance & Security, Quality Process, Human Resource Capability Development etc., also form part of Sphinx’s GAD Model.

The onsite-offshore GAD Model with its exclusive Design – Develop – Deploy strategy, is customizable to match to each project and its objectives. Based on these, our consultants recommend the delivery methodology with effective utilization of Sphinx’s global teams.